Start at Doctors Cove on the northeast corner of Catalina Island, known as a popular California dive spot. Swim across the channel and finish at the Palos Verdes Lighthouse at Point Vincente. This is the southwestern point of the Palos Verdes Peninsula, one of the most scenic locations in the Los Angeles area. Relax and enjoy, then swim back to Catalinia if you have time.

Total distance = 21 miles


  Catalina Channel Virtual Swim

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   miles in the swim: 
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  Christi Ensch
34.9 miles
  Jack Fannon
  Drew Killian
35.3 miles
  Matt Lindsey 5.7 miles
  Ray Novitske 12.9 miles
  David Shackley 4.8 miles
  Chris Van Horne
34.4 miles
  Jeff Wood
23.7 miles
  Jon Wood 11.9 miles

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