Virtual Swim Around Crater Lake

    Crater Lake is in Oregon, and is the state's only National Park. Average snowfall is 533 inches. The lake is 1,932 feet deep and the temperature at the bottom is 38 degrees. The surface temperature in the summer is 55-65 degrees.
    To swim in the lake you must first hike 1-1/2 steep miles to the shore on the Cleetwood Trail. The sheer surrounding cliffs from the lake are almost 2,000 feet high.
    The eruption that created the lake happened about 5700 BC and was 100 times greater than Mt. St. Helens 1980 eruption.
   •world's deepest lakes

Distance around the lake = 34 miles

Send distances of your workout swims to be recorded daily, until you reach 34 miles - the distance around Crater Lake.
Email your distance to:
Virtual swim description: craterlake.pdf


 start 5 10 15 20 25 30 34
 Don Baker 8.4 miles
 Mike Davey 2.7 miles
 Jack Fannon 34 miles
 Drew Killian 20.9 miles
 Karen Jost 34 miles
 Cathy Lewis 5.4 miles
 Ray Novitske 34 miles
 Cate Welch 23.5 miles
 Michelle Wright 34 miles
 Jon Wood 2.6 miles